Four reasons To Read Those You Disagree With

Several months ago, I cleaned out my personal library. Our son was on his way and there was room for my books or him – not both. As much as I love books, I love my son more. Working through

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You Know What Happens When We Assume…

This may take most people by surprise, but Preaching is one of the most difficult things you can do. It looks easy. All you have to do is stand up, talk about the Bible and then your work is over

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Doing Things Badly

Anything worth doing is worth doing badly G.K. Chesterton It’s safe to say that we all have dreams. What would you do if you knew that you could not fail? Where would you go if you knew you would never

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Christ and Culture: Harry Potter, part II

It is officially over. The last of the Harry Potter movies has been released (I thought it was great, by the way). But, I believe that conversation about Harry Potter is far from over. Last time, I looked at the

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Christ and Culture: Harry Potter, part I

I have not always been a fan of Harry Potter. But, in recent weeks I have found myself engulfed in the series. The sub-plots and tangential episodes contained within each book do not grip me. Sometimes I’m annoyed by them.

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Religion and Republic: Politics as Stewardship

Note: The following is from a recent paper I wrote for a course I recently completed called ‘Christian Ethics’. I sought to explore a Christian’s relationship to the state that avoids Nationalism (i.e. USA as a “Christian nation” – it’s

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Blogging the Confessions: Friends

Confessions II.iii(8) – II.x(18) This lengthy portion of book II of Augustine’s Confessions covers much information. Any number of these sections of book II could be made into one longer essay. However, I have noticed an overarching theme here: friends.

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