Blogging the Confessions: Parents

Confessions II.iii(5) – II.iii(7) In ancient Rome there was no such concept as public education. Either your parents possessed the financial means to fund an education or they didn’t. Because of this usually only the wealthy could afford an education.

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Blogging the Confessions: Puberty and Passions

Confessions II.i(1) – II.ii(4) Puberty is a confusing and hectic time in an adolescent’s life. I was no different and Augustine was no different. Growth spurts, the influx of hormones, an acute awareness of the opposite sex creates a trifecta

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Blogging the Confessions: Pleasure

Confessions 1.xvii(27) – 1.xx(31) Augustine, in Confessions, could never be accused of making little of his sin. The entire work is filled with confessions, hence the title. However, he does also acknowledge the influence of the pagan myths upon his

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Christ and Culture: Sarcasm and Sexual Assault

The Depression generation was known for building the nation. The Baby-boomers will be remembered for their disestablistmentarianism. For Generation X it will be the 80’s. Millennials? I’m convinced it will be our sarcasm. Louis C.K. was once on Conan O’Brien.

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Blogging the Confessions: Education

Confessions 1.xiii(22) – 1.xvi(26) I found this section of book one in Augustine’s confessions to be particularly interesting. He speaks of the education that he received as a young boy. Looking back he realizes that he was taught the myths

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Blogging the Confessions: Boys will be Boys

Confessions Book 1.viii(13) – 1.xiii(20) During his boyhood Augustine was like most other children. His interest lay in games, not in school. Unfortunately, for a boy with Augustine’s interests, the educators of his day were given license to use whatever

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Religion and Republic

I want to continue the discussion I started last Tuesday on the subject of religion and republic. However, in light of the events of yesterday with the death of Usama Bin Ladin it seems appropriate to steer my thoughts in

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